Sister of Mine named by Globe and Mail and CBC Books as a Best Book of 2018!

"A stark reminder of the wicked webs we weave."
— Top Shelf Magazine

"A compelling and entertaining novel . . . unreservedly recommended."
—Midwest Book Review

"Laurie Petrou writes with stunning elegance to weave a unique and complex story of sisterhood and secrets that ends with a twist you won't see coming... a fabulous read from start to finish."
—Wendy Walker, national bestselling author of Emma in the Night

"Poetic, engrossing... An unputdownable page-turner."
—A.J. Banner, USA Today bestselling author of The Twilight Wife

“By turns taut and lyrical, often startling, always unpredictable, Laurie Petrou writes about the thorny challenges and gauzy longings of sisterhood and parenthood with brash immediacy and perilous insight. This book is a cracked mirror—sharp, disquieting, impossible to look away, refracting our worst fears and best hopes back at us. ” 
—Elan Mastai, author of All Our Wrong Todays

“ I devoured Laurie Petrou's wonderful novel in a single sitting. Laurie's prose is stunning but it was the complicated relationship between the two sisters, and the secret that threatens to destroy them that had me furiously turning the pages. A fantastic debut novel.” 
—Hollie Overton, international bestselling author of Baby Doll and The Walls

" Mesmerizing and powerful . . . Dark and riveting, flirting at time with a hint of the gothic, it is a page turner that plunges deep into the wild and uncharted territory of family, need, and loyalty, and the strange, mirror-link of love and hatred. This book burns with the intensity of the sisters it follows, who you will love and hate and never forget." 
—Grace O’Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning

"An addictive portrait of a fascinating, complicated, and in the end, shocking relationship between two sisters. Beautifully written, insightful and thought provoking, with twists I did not see coming. A thrilling read."
—Cecilia Ekbäck, bestselling author of Wolf Winter

"Propulsive." —Refinery29's "Best Psychological Suspense Novels to Read After Gone Girl "

"A twisty, claustrophobic nail-biter." — Entertainment Weekly’s Hot Summer Thrillers

"Sibling rivalry on steroids." —BookTrib

" Riveting... Readers will be keen to see what Petrou comes up with next."
— Publishers Weekly

" One of the best first novels I’ve read this year… A brilliantly conceived narrative with wonderful characters and great depth."
― Globe and Mail

"Gripping, twisty, and singular ... A not to be missed, well-worth-it read. Here's hoping for more from this imaginative, insightful author."
―New York Journal of Books

Advance Praise for 'Love, Heather'

"I devoured this book! Laurie Petrou truly understands the darkness of the high school experience. This fast-paced thriller is a must-read for any fans of the genre."

—Ben Philippe, author of The Field Guide to the North American Teenager

“Laurie Petrou understands the darkness and light that coexists within all of us, and she carefully unearths it with well-crafted prose, sharp pacing—and absolutely no fear. This is a book that readers of many ages will want to devour, delivered by a daring, talented novelist to watch.”

—Marissa Stapley, bestselling author of The Last Resort

“Carefully crafted, dark and disturbing, Love, Heather is a page-turner will keep you up all night, and stay with you long after you read the last page.”

— Chantel Guertin, TV personality and best-selling author of the Pippa Greene series.

Reviews of Between

"...Petrou is especially skilled at turning mundane activities and ordinary objects to symbolic advantage. These things and many more are bound up with characters and plot to form what can feel like a revelatory visit to your own past, your own buried knowledge." [...] "This book strikes me as intermittently spurred gratitude – and a few pricks of envy." 
"...Petrou's precise, witty writing balances out hefty thematic concerns, and often with startling effect. Between is a strong debut from a strong new writer."